About Mosaic Commissions


Mosaic art is an enduring art form in many ways. It is not only one of the oldest forms of art, but also because of the sturdy materials used, mosaics will remain intact anywhere from decades to millennia, depending upon crafting, upkeep and location. To create these beautiful artworks takes great care and attention to detail. Because of the time and expensive materials involved, the cost can range between $250 to over $1000 per square foot. I can always offer options within a reasonable budget, but I know it's helpful for clients to know upfront what variables affect the cost. 

Main Mosaic Cost Variables:

  • Size. Not a surprise, right? Bigger mosaics generally cost more.
  • Type of glass (or other material) used. This can vary from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars per square foot.
  • Complexity of design. Sometimes a design that seems simple can be difficult to fit organically into the mosaic medium, but sometimes a design that seems complicated can actually take less time because there is an easy way to get the pieces to flow.
  • Type of project. Some adhesives or types of glass are more difficult to work with, so for instance, a product that has to be waterproof, have beveled edges, a 3-D or sculptural mosaic, or an outdoor mosaic can sometimes take more time.
  • Time. Basically rush orders cost more... but I can't work miracles. Mosaics take time. But I can work with you to complete your project within the shortest possible time frame.

Free Consultation

You can either fill out the form on my contact page, email me, or call me at 310.500.8757 to discuss your project. I can usually come up with a very general price range quickly so that we can find out if our budgets work together.


I charge a $500 design fee per week. I only put a time limit on this because I've had a few clients go off in many directions and not communicate well with me. I've found that if I put clear monetary time limit on the design element, we communicate better and come to a beautiful design in a way that respects my time. I'm very fair and upfront. I will let you know if I have a deadline or personal obligations that will interfere with me being consistently available for the design process for that week and extend the days accordingly, and if we're just a tweak or two away from the completed design by the end of the week, I'm not going to charge additionally. As long as I know from one sketch to the next which direction we are headed in, we will arrive at an amazing design in no time.

For designs that end up taking only a day or two before the client signs off and begins the project, I will credit the $500 design fee into the cost of the mosaic art. More than half my projects work this way.

For the design process, communicating through Dropbox is really helpful. This way I can put several ideas in with notes and then we can talk to find out


Usually my clients don't need samples, but if you would like them I can send them at cost, just ask. You can either ask for just samples of the glass type to see and feel them in person, or if you're concerned about a particular color, ask for that color. Generally I work organically with a palette of glass, so some of my choices are made during the construction process, but every project is different and if specific colors or glass types are necessary, I'm happy to accommodate.


We will be discussing costs throughout the design process, so usually as soon as you sign off on the design I will be ready to send an invoice for the first payment so we can get started. It is broken up into 2-4 payments depending mostly upon project size, length of time to complete the project, and/or the material expense. If I only mention total project cost during the design process and the payment structure during the design process is important to you, please ask me to break that down for you also.


I can send photos of the progress either through email or Dropbox. I'm usually fairly good about updates, about once a week,  but I think I could be better. I have a tendency to get extremely absorbed in the project and forget to take pictures for a few days. If you want more frequent updates than I'm giving you, let me know.


The best part about mosaics is they can be shipped. Even huge ones. I can work with your interior designer, contractor or architect to make sure your art will fit beautifully into its environment. Usually they can be shipped with instructions and installed onsite by your contractor, builder, etc., but as an alternative I can come for the installation or come to grout it after it's been installed, though many works can be shipped grouted and just need touchups on seams after installation.

Ironically, I spent 20 years in Los Angeles and most of my mosaics were shipped to other states and countries, and now that I've moved out of state to be closer to my family most of my work is in Los Angeles, so I'm still shipping almost everything. I generally use FedEx with full insurance coverage and they take great care with their packages. I generally include the shipping costs in with the cost of the mosaic, but you can use your shipping account if you prefer.