Blue Aspirations

Glass, gems | 15" x 21"

Blue Aspirations Mosaic

Blue Aspirations is a study of the crystalline structures of a blue quartz crystal. The simplistic color palette allows one's focus to be drawn to the movement of the crystal shapes and fractures.

Creation of the Blue Aspirations Mosaic

Blue Aspirations was created in 2003, the first 3-D spirals piece in which I used molded glass for the spirals instead of stained glass. I really love the more gentle feel the rounded edges give to the piece. It provides a softer, cleaner feel to the spirals. It is also my first artwork to feature a single color to help accentuate the movement of the glass and the drives the focus to the subtle differences between the features of the glass: iridescent/flat, opaque/translucent, smooth/rough.