Cycles Mosaic

Glass, gems, pebbles | 24" x 36"

Cycles Mosaic

Cycles is a study of the persistent growth of nature, with life emerging from the sea floor. It was the first time I used mosaic bricking patterns in the earth, separating the rigidness of the rocky seabed from the organic flow of the water and plant life. I wanted the piece to feel as if the bright iridescent stained glass was bursting out from the earthy vitreous glass. I also wanted to make the organic details of water and plant to flow, to contrast both the background and the glass mosaic tiles themselves.

Creation of the Cycles Mosaic

Cycles was created in 2001, the second piece in the Earth Series. I gave away the first mosaic artwork I created without taking pictures first, a mistake I learned never to make again! When I started making mosaics the year before, it was on a whim. I just woke up one morning and decided to make a mosaic. There really wasn't much information online so I found a DIY site that had information on how to tile a floor to figure out what materials I'd need. I went to Home Depot, got some cheap ceramic tiles, smashed them up and made a really ugly picassiette mosaic. While I was making that, I was thinking about what I really wanted to create. I went back online and found the supplies I needed to make a glass mosaic. I purchased small amounts of the glass I needed to make the vision in my head come to life.

I was scared making my first couple mosaics, as I felt instinctively that this was my medium and I was afraid that I couldn't make the mosaic in my head happen in reality. I had to do some experimentation and play around a lot, though this continues to be true of every piece of art. I really didn't know anything about this medium: history, art or application. I was just drawn in by the amazing textures and colors of mosaic glass and felt that this is what I should be doing. I'm glad I didn't let the fear of the unknown get to me and just kept persisting because it turns out I've never been happier than when surrounded by glass of every type and color.

I've learned a lot since making these first mosaics in the Earth Series, but in a way I think they are the most representative of who I am as a mosaic artist. I've done a lot of different styles and experiments since this time, but right now I'm toying with my next series going back to these roots. I have a few ideas and sketches and I'm excited to move forward with them soon.