Glass, gold, agate, glass beads, gems, pebbles | 24" x 16"

Depth Mosaic

I was inspired for this artwork by art nouveau, the natural beauty of geodes, and of course the gorgeous amethyst agate slices I came across. I wanted to create something magical and intricate.

Creation of Depth Mosaic

I was in the middle of working on my 3-D spirals mosaics when I decided to try different ways of creating dimension. I started the project in the middle of the night (of course!) and the only thing I had to build up depth on the plant stem was mortar. This wasn't the easiest sculpting material, but after a lot of labor and cursing, it finally worked. I then built little ramps for the gold so that it could flow above and below the stem. I then kept the agate slices loose as I worked on the purple vein so that I could make sure everything flowed smoothly. As I worked on the piece, I added in little sparkles of iridescent details and spaces to add some loose glass beads in after grouting.