Motions II

Glass, hematite, gems | 12" x 12"

Motions II Mosaic

Motions II is a look into veins of crystals through a boulder. The shapes are pulling and cracking through the rocky surface, forming brilliant patterns.

Creation of the Motions II Mosaic

Motions II was created in 2004. I wanted to experiment with elevated structures, so I used copper tubing to raise the three center lines over the rest of the mosaic. I wanted a very delicate background so the hematite details would stand out. My original intention was to use gray vitreous glass in a brick pattern for the background. When I started placing the glass, it looked too heavy and ruined the soft effect I was going for. I left the artwork alone for a few months before deciding that the best way to finish the mosaic would be by sculpting grout for the whole piece.