Pink Aspirations

Glass, gems | 14" x 14"

Pink Aspirations Mosaic

Pink Aspirations is a study of the crystalline structures of a cracked geode. The iridescence of the crystal structures and veins contrasts with the earthy texture of the rocky background.

Creation of the Pink Aspirations Mosaic

Pink Aspirations was created in 2003, my first successful 3-D spirals mosaic artwork. I had the idea in my head that I wanted the glass to lift off the background. I kept trying different methods of making it happen, but it took a few tries to find the right materials and method to make it work. I found stainless steel strips that were lightweight enough to cut with my metal clippers, but strong enough to hold the glass without too much bending. I cut the strips down to slightly smaller than the 5/8" tiles I was using, then warmed up the strips and bent them into place. They are held in place with both glue and tacks, then covered with the glass tiles. Unfortunately, there is no way around gravity, so I simply have to hold each section of glass in place until it is dry enough to be secure. The curves are too tight to clamp the glass in place without slippage. I create the spirals first, then fill in the background.