May Flowers!

For the month of May, the entire Cherry Blossoms series will be discounted by 20%. The featured mosaic above is 9"x13" and is created with gorgeous stained glass. Each mosaic is handmade, with dozens of hours spent hand cutting and precisely placing each of the thousands of pieces of beautiful glass. Each one of the Cherry Blossoms mosaics is made-to-order and can be customized to your taste.

Cherry Blossoms Zen with Stone Background

Cherry Blossoms Zen with Stone Background

Zen is one of five mini mosaics in the series, shown above with a stone background. The mosaics are also available with a glass background as shown below with Cherry Blossoms Bloom. Each of these mosaics has a 4" square mosaic inset onto a 12" background.

Cherry Blossoms Bloom with Glass Background

Cherry Blossoms Bloom with Glass Background

There are the five mini-mosaic styles available in the Cherry Blossoms series: Bubbles, Bloom, Zen, Flutter and Purity, as shown below. You can custom order these mosaics with any color background. Just email me with questions.

Tiny Tiny Tiny Shards


I hope everyone is having a great week and making amazing art!

I started working on this mosaic of my awesome pug Velvet a while ago. I'm back to work on it, and hopefully I'll have time to finish before I start on my next commission. 

I have to admit, even as someone that fusses over mosaics for a living, this one has been trying my patience! I'm about 80 hours into fighting this battle against these tiny little shards of glass that do not want to cooperate. It will be worth it in the end because Velvet is the best little monkey ever and deserves to be immortalized in mosaic. 

I always get involved in projects and forget to post WIPs (work in progress pics) even though I adore looking at all the ones my friends share of their mosaic projects. So with this project I'm going to start making it a habit to share the progress.